How to write an essay fast. All you need to know.

An easy way to quickly write an essay

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Essays, as well as coursework, graduation theses, dissertations and reports are very important. They allow you to control the level of training of students of colleges and universities. Therefore, they must be carried out in accordance with specific standards and requirements.

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It always happens that at the time of making an essay we get involved and we do not get ideas. But, the truth is that it is quite easy and simple to do.

If you want to know what an essay is, click here, and knowing what is an essay? we can continue with the following question: how to make an essay?

Theme selection and information gathering

The essayist must choose by relevance and opportunity the subject of his essay. What will the trial be about? What is the problem that will be studied to give a solution? Thus, once the object of research is established, the essayist must gather the necessary information that will allow him to explain the causes, effects or factors of the topic to be treated.

Formulation of hypotheses and theories

An essay is, above all, a short article that formulates a hypothesis and presents the reader with a possible explanation of a problem. That is what we will call the theory. It is not possible a trial that does not solve why? of a matter or phenomenon of nature, society, information, or knowledge itself. That is what allows him to bear the name, very nice, of trial.

Writing or composition of the text to make an essay

Once the author or essayist has defined his subject, for instance, impromptu speech topic, his hypotheses, and, logically to captured information, he prepares to write the essay. This will be relatively short writing. It must be taken into account that an essay can have between 500 and 5000 words, more or less. An essay of 500 words will be short writing, but not for that unsubstantial. An essay of 3000 words can already be classified as a medium. An essay of 5000 words or more can be considered as a long essay.

The author in the work of composition of the essay must take into account all the rules and procedures of the science of writing: poetics. This means that the essay must have an adequate structure of the paragraphs, a perfect syntax, an argued content; the proper semantics, a proper and rich style and, of course, a perfect spelling.

Abstract or abstract and keywords or keywords

A summary is the so-called description or review of writing, in this case, an essay, literary genre that basically resolves the why of a subject. At present, given the new information technologies, it is recommended that a summary or description have up to 160 characters.

Likewise, the essay should be assigned the so-called keywords or what is the same keywords.

Other recommendations:

Make a presentation of the topic, in a clear, concrete and preferably direct way. There is no mandatory way to start the writing of an essay, but it is always recommended to be direct in the subject that is going to be treated. It means that it is advisable to start the writing with the formulation of the thesis that will be supported.

Finish the essay or the conclusion of the thesis that has been developed.

This does not mean that it is obligatory to close the possibility to future dissertations on the subject since it is quite important to bear in mind that there are no finished topics that do not admit a new point of view, argued from any other perspective.

Use a somewhat concrete, specific, determinant language, avoiding three or more turns to the same idea. The intention is to be “understood” not “deciphered”. It means that what should be sought is to get us to understand the ideas we have put forward in our writing.

It is also recommended to give a single meaning to the words most used in our writing, in order to avoid using the same word with two or more different meanings at the same time, otherwise it would be necessary to clarify its connotation, with the logical consequence of distortion of the message and little or nothing effective communication.

We hope you have served this information, any questions you can leave in the comments, we are willing to help you learn how to make a trial.

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