Main rules on writing a good essay about importance of learning a foreign language

Everyone knows that an essay is in an accessible, individual-authored manner on a particular topic. But there are still some rules to follow. If you do not how to make such paper, use essay writing help. Learn highlights of writing a solid essay on “Do all students need to learn a foreign language essay”: 

  • Focus – your essay should have a clear central idea, and every paragraph of your article should contain the main idea and arguments for it
  • Development – each paragraph should develop or support your central idea. Facts, details, and examples should visually support your arguments
  • Unity – each of your following arguments should branch off from your main idea; each statement should not stray from its primary meaning. If you are “dribbling along,” you will significantly depart from your main topic
  • Coherence – your text must be logically organized, smoothly presented, and as straightforward as possible for the reader
  • Your essay must follow the grammatical rules of the English language and be free of errors

How to write a proper essay – sample

Below we will highlight an example of the essay, following all the above rules:

In today’s world, knowing more than one language is an invaluable advantage for a person to achieve success. Still, there is some dispute as to whether it is worth it for everyone, without exception, to know one or more languages other than their mother tongue. As with many other statements, people are divided into two camps: some believe that students should necessarily learn a foreign language. Others say it should not be mandatory if it is not helpful to them in life or if they are “not given.”I am of the first opinion. As was already mentioned, knowledge of a foreign language gives people a lot of benefits. If you list them in ascending order, it is worth noting that it contributes to the development of the mind and makes schoolchildren and students more open and developed. This increases communication effectiveness and removes the language barrier, as if you were in another country, and in everyday life or at work. Speaking of work, knowledge of foreign languages also dramatically increases your chances of getting a job. With globalization, there is a greater likelihood that companies will work with partners from another country and a different language. Research has proven the cognitive merits of studying another language, regardless the age. This research has found that bilinguals typically have larger brains and better memories, more creativity, better problem-solvers, etc. However, the arguments against learning can also be considered valid because it is tough for people to learn a foreign language if they do not have a particular talent. Consequently, they can waste a lot of time studying a language to no avail and not achieve as meaningful results as if they were looking for something they have an aptitude for. Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that studies have proven: that a foreign language is easy to learn if you use the proper methods. To sum up, I want to say that learning a foreign language is a valuable practice in all areas of life. It helps not only on a social level but also stimulates our brain to work better, so I believe that learning a foreign language is a must for students in today’s world.