How to Buy a Thai Bride?

Like I’ve said before, you absolutely cannot buy a foreign bride, buy you can meet a nice girl from Thailand who desperately wants to meet a nice husband and move out of her living situation. If you are looking for a Thai “mail order bride”, you need to understand the situation of the girls in Thailand and know what you are getting into.

Thailand is an impoverished country that has an imbalance on suitable single men to women. For this reason, beautiful girls are looking to talk to, meet, and if things go well, marry a foreign man. This makes them very similar to the Latin brides.

Some men feel that all Thai women are submissive and would make great housewives. From what I have heard, many Thai woman are very independent. There is even a female Thai prime minister.

The men whom have gone on to meet and marry Thai brides often say that the biggest down-side is the misconceptions of other people towards the relationship. People often think that the men and woman don’t have a real relationship. It is simply an arrangement for men to have someone cook and clean for them. This couldn’t be further from the truth for most of these foreign bride relationships.

Since many “mail order bride” relationships are rushed, the men and women may not quite know each other as well as they would like at first. The Thai bride is usually desperate to be removed from their living situation and wants to get married as soon as possible. Once this short “courting” part of the relationship is over, they will usually get married pretty quickly. Often times, even the men are in a hurry to get married.

Where do Thai Mail Order Brides Come From?

Many Thai brides are from the rural areas as well as the city. Most are born outside of the major metropolitan area, but then move into the cities. Girls that move into the cities may look Thai foreign bride towards an international bride agency for a chance to be removed from their surroundings.

Major cities in Thailand, like Bangkok, are pretty intense places with a lot going on. Many girls look to get out of the hustle and bustle of areas like Bangkok.

Affection of a Thai Bride in Public

One thing that is interesting about Thaiwanese woman is that public displays of affection are considered unusual. This means that your potential Thai bride may act very differently when you are with her on the streets, compared to when you are home alone with her.

Understanding Thai Culture

Thai culture is very interesting and different compared to Western culture. Thai’s are Buddhist and eat many different types of food that is very different from what Western men are used to eating.

The Thai food that we receive over in the U.S. is often very different from what we would eat if we were actually over in Thailand. The food that your potential Thai bride would make might be a little different than what you expect. It will still taste good, but might be a little different than from what you might think.

Perception of Western Men by Thai Brides

Another thing that you may find unusual is that Thai women don’t have a good idea of how Western men spend money. When Western men come to Thailand, they are on vacation and are big spenders. On the other hand, when they are home, they live a cheaper existence and spend much less money. If you meet a woman from Thailand, you may have to educate them about how much you have to spend on housing, meals, and vacations. It is important that they understand your situation as well, because you want to be as honest about everything a possible.

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